Stage 1 - Be informed

Over the course of two weekends (25/26 June, and 9/10 July 2016), a randomly selected Citizens’ Jury of 50 everyday South Australians came together to identify ‘What are the parts of the Royal Commission’s Report that everyone needs to discuss?'.

Working collectively over four days, the jury considered the Royal Commission findings, and had access to expert witnesses to help them work through the issues and better understand the options. The jury produced a simple report identifying key issues that need to be considered and discussed during the state-wide consultation program. The jury was facilitated by democracyCo at arm's length from Government.

Learn more about the jury, view the report and see the video library here

Stage 2 - Be involved

After Citizens' Jury One, a comprehensive state-wide community program commenced, offering a range of opportunities for South Australians to participate in the conversation. Over 100 sites across South Australia including 60 regional towns and 30 Aboriginal communities were visited during an extensive three-month consultation.

This program included consultation at all major regional centres, more than 50 remote towns and all Aboriginal communities to ensure all South Australians had the opportunity to get involved in the conversation, and allow the Government to gather important feedback from the community.

South Australians were also invited to share their perspectives online via social media and at hosted community events across the state. This program was designed to ensure that people from all backgrounds and locations had the opportunity to get involved and have their say.

Click here to view the full schedule of visited locations during the state-wide engagement program.

Stage 3 - Be clear 

Following the state-wide program, the 50 members of Citizens’ Jury One reconvened and were joined by an additional group of randomly selected South Australians. This larger Jury of more than 300 people assembled across three weekends in October and November for Citizens’ Jury Two. 

This jury was informed by more than 100 witnesses through the process, with jurors required to review all the community feedback from the state-wide consultation program and establish their own perspectives from examining the Royal Commission’s Report. They deliberated on the question: "Under what circumstances, if any, could South Australia pursue the opportunity to store and dispose of nuclear waste from other countries?" 

The Jury captured their deliberations in a report which was handed down to Premier, Jay Weatherill, on the final day as a key input to the Government’s decision-making process. View Citizens' Jury Two here.

Stage 4 - Government’s response

On November 15, 2016, the State Government handed down its response to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report, with the State Government supporting nine of the 12 Royal Commission recommendations. The full response can be found here