Jury frames nuclear report

Posted 30 October 2016

The nuclear Citizens’ Jury has produced a working draft outlining its initial thoughts and observations in response to the question: ‘Under what circumstances, if any, could South Australia pursue the opportunity to store and dispose of nuclear waste from other countries?’

Over the weekend, safety, trust, economics and consent were consistent areas of discussion among the group of almost 350 jurors.

The jury, who represent a broad cross section of the South Australian population, is considering all the facts and feedback from the three-month state-wide community consultation program, and deciding on its own perspectives, on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report. 

It has this weekend heard from a range of experts, who provided information, clarification and personal insights into the Royal Commission’s Report, and shared their views on any potential future activities in the storage and disposal of high level nuclear waste.

The group today worked through a series of discussions and collective writing workshops before using the afternoon session to start framing its report. 

The writing session highlighted strong views across many of the consistent themes, with jurors working through environmental, cultural, financial and ethical questions.

The jury will reconvene next Saturday, November 5 to continue with their deliberations and report drafting, before finalising the document on Sunday and presenting it to the Premier Jay Weatherill  for his consideration.