Citizens' Jury Two meets for final weekend

Posted 4 November 2016

The nuclear Citizens’ Jury returns tomorrow for its final two days of deliberations.

By Sunday afternoon, the group will produce a report to be presented to the Premier Jay Weatherill sharing their views on any potential future activities in the storage and disposal of high level nuclear waste from overseas.

The report is expected to summarise the key themes and considerations discussed by the jury over the six sitting days.

The jury of around 350 people represent a broad cross section of the South Australian population. The group is considering all the facts and feedback from the three-month state-wide community consultation program, and deciding on its own perspectives, on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report. 

Its task is to answer the question: ‘Under what circumstances, if any, could South Australia pursue the opportunity to store and dispose of nuclear waste from other countries?’

After hearing from more than 100 witnesses, the group will undertake a series of writing workshops as they reach consensus over the next two days and finalise a summary report for the Premier.

The document will be released to the public on Sunday, and will summarise the community’s position for the State Government to consider in its response to the Royal Commission’s Report later this year.

A full program is available here on our website, with open sessions live-streamed. There will also be regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.