The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission was established on Thursday 19th March 2015 to conduct an independent, comprehensive investigation into the potential for increasing South Australia’s participation in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Headed by Commissioner, Kevin Scarce, the Royal Commission investigated four specific key areas:

  • Expanding the exploration, extraction and milling of minerals containing radioactive materials.
  • Increased processing of minerals, and the processing of materials containing radioactive and nuclear substances.
  • Using nuclear fuels to generate electricity.
  • The establishment of facilities for the storage and disposal of radioactive and nuclear waste.

In compiling its Report, the Royal Commission was required to draw on credible and reliable sources to provide all relevant facts regarding the potential for expanding our state’s role, assess all the associated risks to the state, and identify all associated opportunities for the South Australian community, economy and environment.

In its investigations, the Royal Commission heard from 132 expert witnesses, including 41 international experts, over 37 sitting days.

The Report was handed to the Governor of South Australia Hieu Van Le AO on Friday 6 May 2016, and publicly released on Monday 9 May 2016.